Is what I am asking for cost effective to print?

As litho printers print of SRA2 or B2 and B1 sheets it is important to ask if there is a more cost effective way of producing what you require.

Ask about digital printing!

If you use small quantities of stationary and leaflets, this could be a more cost effective way of producing them.


Ask the printer are they printing it or will it be sent out for printing. Lots of printers are called print buyers, they send your work off to be printed to the cheapest printer and have no control over quality. Ask to see samples that the printer has done.

Check that VAT is included!

Lots of people get caught out because printers normally quote without VAT. Leaflets are non VAT items as are brochures. VAT is charged on stationary, postcards and posters.

Check that delivery is included!

Some printers quote ex works, so when comparing quotes check that delivery is included in the cost so you have a like for like comparison.

Artwork Access!

If your printer is designing your leaflet, ask them will they release your artwork should you need it or are not happy with the service. Some printers will not release artwork.

Batch Printing!

If you have a friendship with another business who requires the same amount of leaflets as you, ask about printing them up together to save money.

Environmental Policy!

We must all do our bit for the environment. Ask your printer have they got a recognised environmental policy such as ISO 14001 or Green Dragon Award.