sustainable printing companyAt Forrest Print we are passionate about the environment. We have committed ourselves to a programme of change to reduce our carbon footprint and to operate in an environmentally way.

We strive to find new ways in which we can reduce the environmental impact of our activities within a managed, measurable framework and gaining the coveted ISO 14001 environmental standard in 2009 has been an important step in this process.

A key commitment of our Environmental Policy is to source sustainable materials through the strict management of our supply chain. We print all our menus on FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) accredited paper stock. The demanding standards of the FSC mean that every sheet of paper can be traced back to source and is seen as the ‘Gold Standard’ of responsible husbandry of forests.

Using FSC certified stock means that many more trees are planted than are felled each year by the forestry managers supplying the paper mills. FSC stock is also processed using Elemental Chlorine Free Technology to avoid the production of damaging toxins. Of course we also offer recycled paper options for all products, however we feel that you should be aware of all the environmental facts and some of the myths surrounding the sustainability of paper use.

In recent years, paper has been the target of negative and often misinformed environmental criticism. However, wood fibre has the opportunity to renew itself naturally and be reused often, so despite the barrage of criticism, there are two sides to paper and it does have a strong environmental story to tell. For more information on the environmental argument for paper and board made from either virgin pulp sourced from sustainable forests or recycled stock, see: www.twosides.info

Our state-of-the-art machinery is designed to reduce chemical waste and energy consumption as part of a concerted effort on behalf of Forrest Print to maintain a code of environmental best practice. We achieve this by documenting and adopting an environmental strategy that encompasses policies, procedures and standards within a robust environmental management system, implemented as a consistent approach to process management. As such each key process has been defined, its aspects & impacts assessed, prioritised, monitored, controlled and where appropriate improved in its effectiveness.

sustainably-printedOne of our primary objectives for 2010 was a target reduction in power consumption, to reduce our CO2 output by 13%, equating to 10 tonnes per annum. This is being achieved by the installation of a voltage optimisation unit from Power Perfector www.powerperfector.com in the main factory and the adoption of a staff awareness programme to save power. We conducted a voltage logging test in April 2010 (illustrated below) to prove viability, have obtained assistance toward the project from the Carbon Trust and installation was completed in June 2010.

Forrest Print is particularly proud to be one of the first companies in the UK to use the new chemistry-free, Brillia Pro-T plates from Fuji in it’s computer-to-plate systems. These revolutionary plates require no processing after exposure and entirely eliminate the use of harmful developer. In addition to this, we have moved to alcohol free production on our primary press, the Komori Lithrone 528+c.

At Forrest Print we only organic, vegetable oil based printing inks, supplied in eco friendly packaging as standard for litho printed work. For digitally printed work, eco-friendly Simitri toner from Konica Minolta is used. Simitri technology requires less toner to be applied with oil free fusing being achieved at lower temperatures. This significantly reduces the power consumption and Carbon Footprint of our digital presses compared to other technology in the digital marketplace, whilst delivering exceptional print quality.

Our recycling is of an exceptionally high standard and everything that cannot be re-used is recycled or disposed of by Environment Agency licensed companies. Waste streams that are currently reclaimed/recycled are: paper, cardboard, aluminium plates, plastics, contaminated wipes/rags, printing ink & cans, solvents, fount solution, chemical containers, aluminium drinks cans, CDs & DVDs, inkjet & toner cartridges and wooden pallets.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by climate change, but in choosing Forrest Print as your printer in Pembrokeshire, you can be sure that your work is being responsibly produced.